Summer nails

Hello folks , hope you all are doing great.Due to busy regime i was a bit inactive but here is my new blog on sharing some pics of my latest nail art designs.As nail arts are my obssesion and in my spare time love to create them.
Here are some pictures of my latest simple nail art ideas
1》Floral nail art :


2》Nature inspired:


3》Girlish Pink:


4》Ombre sky:


5》Multicolor ombre:


These are very simple and elegant nail ideas to complete your summer look and will add a cherry on the top of the cupcake.
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Great day fellas ..

Nails before males

Being a Girl

Wail of A Daughter

This Poem Describes The Helplessness Of An Indian Bride So Well, It’ll Make You Cry

I Wish I Was Not Born As A Daughter
Glittering shining from head to toe
I just took the wedding vows
Surrounded by faces all new
My eyes wandered looking for you
Wanted you to hold me tight
Saw you smiling with teary eyes
Few moments ago, I belonged to you
Now I have a family completely new
You hugged me and wiped my tears
You never looked so weak all these years
I wanted to say let’s go home
But soon realized I have a new home
I wished I could never leave you today
But tradition is above us they say
I wished so much this day could have come little late
But then how can I fight my fate
You never made me feel this, mother
But today I wish I was not born as a daughter.

Our society’s culture and tradition has chained all the daughters and all they can do is accept their fate.Its been many years of freedom, but still a girl is locked in the cage of traditions. If any girl decides to break all the cages she is  abandoned by her own family rather than supporting her choices.815812-Gender-1420136342.jpg
Girls are no less than anyone so stop discriminating , start protecting and supporting her from the evils of this harsh world.

Don’t let girl feel ashamed of herself , she is the most beautiful creature God has made.They say girl came from a man’s rib ,her place is not your feet but very equal near to the heart.Women are no less than men, they are performing  exceptionally well in all the fields be it a house maker or an entrepreneur.Let me bring “Women Empowerment” in the picture  which in simple words can be explained as  the creation of an environment for women where they can make decisions of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society.Women have the rights to get their voices heard.Its our prime duty to hold up Women Empowerment for the development of Indian women on the whole and our society at large.Empowerment of women will not only develop our nation but  will also reduce poverty,corruption,domestic violence in our country.

So,lets take a pledge to abolish all the social evils that mar the growth of Indian women and support them in every single way we can.Which can be done by raising voice against gender inequality,creating safe workplaces for them, providing them proper education.An educated women will  not only contribute in the economy of our country but also towards  health and well-being of the family.


If not now then when we will wake and realize the harm we doing to our society by insulting the most beautiful creation of almighty God “Girl”.Its high time now, we all need to take care of the  current scenario of our nation for its betterment.

“She is not your property,you do not own her.She has a right to choose what she does with her body and how she wants to dress,regardless of how you feel.” Why can’t you support her instead of being anti and insecure?hqdefault

Praise Gracious God for making girls without them this place might not be the same as it is now.


Essence of Love

​This article is notably for the young people who have profound affection for someone.

“Love” is a mere four letter English word which sounds very cozy but it takes soo much endeavor to love someone with all your heart and soul.

Once you are in deep love with someone, all you can sense is how to bring that smirk on the face of your darling.

Though people say that its very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship now a days, but i think they are extremely wrong because when we love someone nothing is difficult.

One must learn few things to have healthy relation and must keep the TRUST factor on the top of your list.

Trust is building block of any relation either a relation of brother sister or girl friend boy friend.

People tend to break trust in relationships very often, they forget that feelings are not the plaything.

If you really love someone then don’t let them feel alone any single day of their life, tell them how special they are for you , express your love for them always whenever given a chance and moreover take out enough time for them from the hustle bustle of your life.

TIME plays very significant role in the formation of strong bond, so never ever let your partner feel isolated when they need you the most.

Share all the things with them which will show that they really mean a lot to you.

Say No to SECRETS, they can be really fatal for the health of your blessed relation so avoid it .

Very necessary and foremost thing to know is that increase the mutual understanding because once you come to know each other it will eventually reduce your fights and misunderstandings.

Many girls and boys just take their partner for granted and cheat on them , for god’s sake just don’t do that better option is to just walk out of relation that will be less painful.

Never ever let your partner feel insecure and can be a hindrance on your love track.

Even if we don’t spend every day with our loved ones, the relationship won’t be affected provided it should be true love. They say distance increases the love, after all we come to know the value of our loved ones. 

Be it any relationship, try to be a good listener and don’t judge your loved ones based on rumor’s .Its 

better to listen things from horse’s mouth. That saying makes it clear that people involved in 

relationship should hear about stuff from their partners itself. 

The common mistake we all do is assume without knowing and judging others based on their past.

Be open minded, have big heart, have faith and most importantly be wise as love can make a fool out of 

you sometimes but if it’s for your loved one prefer becoming a fool for their priceless smile. It won’t 

hurt. Treasure them always. Everyone has their own story and everyone’s fighting.Take care of every slight thing of your beloved one.

Both partners play a very needed part in a bright connection so avoid expecting from one another 

instead be the initiator and bring the most awaited joy in the relationship which is the essence of any relation on the earth.

Once we understand one thing that ” Devotion needs to be pristine always” then we are on the exact 

path of eternity. Love is not just in gf-bf it can also be between two prime friends who intensely care for each other.

“LovE begets LoVe”